ON (Optimum Nutrition) 100% Whey,  Chocolate Milkshake    4.5 lb

ON (Optimum Nutrition) 100% Whey, Chocolate Milkshake 4.5 lb

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  • It comes packed with complete protein derived from cow's milk
  • Optimum Nutrition Whey Chocolate is a ultra-filtered and easy to mix powder
  • It contains 22 grams of whey protein with just 1 gram of sugar and 1 gram of fat
  • It acts as a great addition to your healthy, balanced diet
  • 100 percent of protein from whey
No. of Serving 66
Serving Size 31g
Protein per Serving 22g
Veg/Non-Veg Vegetarian
Goal Muscle Building,Muscle Recovery
Product Authenticity:
Product Authenticity: Pro Nutrition Store Products come through official importers in india and have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. (1) Verify on the manufacturer's website or email. there are minute differences on the fake products which the naked eye can not identify the product with them. (2) Verify with the importer: Products come with importer tags and can be verify with importer on their email/customer care. (3) Protein Mix-ability: Whey Protein/Isolates will mix well and no signs of insoluble substances should be visible after mixing for 25+seconds in your ''Shaker'' (4) Lab Test: You can get the product tested in any food testing laboratory. (5) Lot No. Verification: Lot no. can be Verified to check official import. We also Have 7-day return policy in case of default in any one of the above-mentioned points.

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