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Grenade Ration Pack, 30 Packs

Grenade Ration Pack, 30 Packs
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Grenade Ration Pack, 30 Packs
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Product Description: Grenade Ration Pack is a complete Daily Vitamin/Mineral Supplement and also with Essential Fatty Acids, BCAAs, Antioxidants, Phytonutrients & Probiotics!

The whole vitamin and mineral supplement was intended. Grenade Ration Pack was not only designed to contain the optimal scientific doses of athletes and military personnel who require hardcore vitamins and minerals. It has also been constructed with almost every conceivable, efficient, "supporting ingredient."

Grenade Ration Pack is so full that in relation to your "multi" you can say goodbye with the purchase of zinc, vitamin C, or highly resilient vitamin D. The Ration Pack contains over a dozen of the science and nature recognized most strong antioxidants and phytonutrients that increase their efficiency.

Therefore, there is no need to purchase several products separately. Everything is included in the complete formula of Grenade Ration Pack!

Including a full 2,5 billion colony forming units (CFUs), the ration pack also includes large dosages of the highest quality probiotic substances, comprising four of the most scientifically studied healthy probiotic variations. Also included in the Grenade ration pack are anticatabolic ACBS and other famous amino acids like L-Arginine, taurine and L-Glutamine.


  • Enhance protein synthesis to assist build muscles.
  • Healthy testosterone and other probiotic hormones manufacturing and operate.
  • Will support your metabolic activity.
  • Grenade Ration Pack give cell protection against oxidation and stress.
  • Production and energy supply for the workout.
  • Maximum muscular contraction, strength and endurance.
  • Muscle development and repair.

Directions for use: Take one pack per day with a meal and sufficient water or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Each pack contains the following: Two Multivitamins + Antioxidant tablets, one Essential Fatty Acid soft gel capsule, one Probiotic hard shell capsule, and one BCAA tablet.

When to take:
It is recommended to take:

- Upon waking (with breakfast)

-Throughout the day (with meals)

- Before Bed

Note: Store in a cool dry place. keep out of reach of children.

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MuscleHouse India.
No. of Serving30
Serving Size1 Pack
GoalWell being
Product Authenticity:
Product Authenticity:Pro Nutrition Store Products come through official importers in india and have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. (1) Verify on the manufacturer's website or email. there are minute differences on the fake products which the naked eye can not identify the product with them. (2) Verify with the importer: Products come with importer tags and can be verify with importer on their email/customer care. (3) Protein Mix-ability: Whey Protein/Isolates will mix well and no signs of insoluble substances should be visible after mixing for 25+seconds in your ''Shaker'' (4) Lab Test: You can get the product tested in any food testing laboratory. (5) Lot No. Verification: Lot no. can be Verified to check official import. We also Have 7-day return policy in case of default in any one of the above-mentioned points.

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